Web designing is not simple process. It involves loads of technical expertise and proper artistic understanding of the content of the website as well. A web designer needs a proper and effective tool to create the layout and then he can code according to it. There are many tools available for this purpose. But all of them are not equally effective. Here is a review of top four web designing tools available presently.

Adobe Photoshop

This is one of the most commercially used development tool for web designers. The software is just perfect to create fabulous layouts using various tools embedded in it. The filters, brushes etc are extraordinary features that help to create desired effect. The features like layer combs, revert etc. are unique and they help the designer to have a nice work flow. Not only designers this software is broadly used amongst photographers. An automated scripting and action tool of this software is user friendly. It is the most extensively used web designing software presently.


As the name suggests! This product allows you to create your dream design easily. The smart code hint is the most appraised feature of this software. It automatically highlights your syntax. This software is compatible with other Adobe products like Photoshop. The work flow management of Dreamweaver is compact and helps to manage the project works easily. There is an embedded FTP client too. The smart live view feature gives you an idea about the actual view of your source code.

Panic Coda

This software is especially designed for Mac operating system. It contains a built-in FTP client. This doesn’t only support higher versions of HTML but also has one CSS editor embedded in it. Rapid sharing of file, quick views of code, syntax error identification etc. features are present in the panic coda. It allows rapid reference from books and allows you to get quick help from The Web Programmer’s Desk Reference.


This is another product from the Adobe family. Like Photoshop it is basically not a photo editor. This tool is explicitly created for the purpose of web designing. This tool supports creation of vector graphics. This allows you to generate 3D graphics. You can “slice” or “dice” your graphic design to create demo code of CSS or HTML. This automated code generation is not advised. This can work on Windows as well as Mac OS. One striking feature of Fireworks is that it can generate PDF compiling your whole design and project altogether.  In the PDF you can get links on different specific items. Clicking them you can get further details. You can say it generates a kind of interactive PDF.